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a. Purpose

I’m Jeff, a design & product leader based in Chicago. I work with teams of all kinds to create products & services that make a measurable difference in others' lives.

B. Principles


Great Design emerges from a Diversity of Ideas.

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The best way to have good ideas is to have many, different ideas. The best way to have different ideas is to engage people from a rich diversity of backgrounds & perspectives.

Design for product is quintessentially human-centered; it directly connects those to be served with the process of evaluating their needs.


Successful Products are the result of Relentless Curiosity.

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A great product is not just the sum of good ideas, executed well; it results from the continual pursuit of fit, refinement, and evidence of value delivered.

The products that best serve the needs of people come from conscious design that engages those people, early and often.


Value Increases Exponentially within a Designed System.

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Products deliver massively greater impact when collectively formed into a fabric of touchpoints within an intentionally designed ecosystem.

Designing a product is just the beginning. Designing the system is where value is delivered at scale.

C. Practice

A Map of Maps:
Aligning Customer Experience Across the Product Lifecycle

There are a many helpful tools to gather, illustrate, and connect the value product has for people.

Here are a few of them.

D. Presence

I love engaging groups from all backgrounds and disciplines through workshops, presentations, and panels. Some of the conferences and gatherings I've spoken at, or worked with include:

  • Midwest UX
  • Product Tank
  • Lift Product Summit
  • AIGA Mentor Program
  • Good Tech Fest

Please get in touch if you'd like to collaborate!

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