A Map of Maps

Aligning Customer Experience
Across the Product Lifecycle

Value proposition & business model canvases, customer journey & experience maps… the methods of uncovering and aligning needs & ideas, products & people are many. How do all of these tools relate to one another? And more importantly, how do we utilize them effectively as our products are nurtured and develop?

In this workshop, we’ll explore a “map of maps,” and look along the product lifecycle to see when to select from these and other vision & alignment diagrams; discuss how to apply them to achieve fit, gain traction and pursue growth; and get comfortable with idea of including the customer in the conversation to design products & services in a truly human-centered way.

Lift: A Product Summit

Jeff Blanchard

  • Value Proposition Canvas
  • Visioning Canvas
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Business Context Canvas
  • Team Model Canvas
  • Experience Map
  • Customer Journey Map
  • Service Blueprint